Feint Micro Arcade: SHOOTER

A tiny 1-bit pixel art space shooter, built in 1 week


Fly your ship and take on a wave of enemies and environmental hazards to try to get a high score!

Please note that scores are not saved, but feel free to comment with high scores or send screenshots to me on twitter I'd love to see them 😊.


  • Arrows to Move
  • X to Move
  • [Left/Right]+Z to Shield Bash
  • Enter to Select menu option

How to Play

  • Drift left-and-right using the arrow keys and press X to fire forwards at enemy ships
  • Holding left/right and pressing Z will Shield Bash horizontally in the direction you choose,
    • Makes you briefly invincible to enemy gunfire
    • Will destroy ships and asteroids in your path
    • HP partially regenerates with each bashed enemy and asteroid
    • Shield Bashes cost 1 SP to use so use sparingly!
  • Watch out for asteroids, they cannot be shot down, although you can shield bash them
  • Look out for health drops (white pulsing diamond) and shield drops (cyan pulsing circle) to refresh HP and SP respectively.

Feint Micro Arcade

Micro Shooter was built in a week to test my WIP game engine, Feint. The game and engine are written in Haxe and runs on HTML5 Canvas. I'll be releasing other tiny micro games periodically as I build Feint, so drop a follow here on Itch or Twitter if you would like to play more!


The font and sounds are public domain assets made by the awesome Kenney (different Kenn[e]y 😉) try out his assets for your own game or donate to support his work!

Art and code by myself, Kenny. If you like my work check out Double Turn on Steam!

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